Some people are Left Brained, while others are right Brained.  I think I am one of those lucky people to be stuck squarely in the middle.  Because of this I have gotten to wear many hats.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the largest brands and celebrities in the world.  From IBM, Ford, Unilever and GE to Britney Spears, U2, Madonna, Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne.  This is to name just a few.

Having a unique understanding of Technology, Marketing and Branding that has enabled me to wear many different hats.  First I was brought in as one of the first employees of one of the First Interactive / Digital agencies in the world.  Where I not only got to work on some of the earliest online marketing initiatives, but got to build out the technology capabilities for what would become the first digital agency to IPO.  It was an exciting time, from building out some of the earliest eCommerce sites to building one of the first Advertising Networks, the first Consumer Stock Trading Website and working on the world’s most successful Live Event on the Internet, Kasparov Vs. Deep Blue.

Later I was the CTO Ogilvy Interactive, helping expand the company from 10 people to over 650 digital professionals world wide, helping the company grow from 2 to 150 million in revenue in 24 months. I later was EVP of Interactive for Sony / Signatures Network, the world’s largest celebrity licensing company.  Building out their Online presences and eCommerce Stores and running their marketing efforts for their roster of Celebrity clients and media properties.

I then became involved in various Technology Start ups, from Early Speech Recognition and Mobile Technology, to helping to create the very first Vertical Search Engine for Enterprise IT.

Most recently I worked at the Technical Director/Director of Development for Kabam Austin.  While there I Architected a new tech stack from scratch and Launched an MMO from zero code to working game in 8 months.

I have won many awards for Campaigns and Games I have worked on over the years, Including Multiple Clio Awards.

But the left side of my brain has allowed me to do everything from Running IT departments to working on Mergers and Acquisitions and raising capitol.

So Am I Technologist with a little creativity or and am I a creative with a lot of business experience.  How about all 3?  Left Brained or Right Brained?  I think I like being smack dab in the middle.